Inside NHPHA: With Spring Come Celebrations and New Growth!

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Joan AscheimWith Spring Come Celebrations and New Growth!

written by Joan Ascheim, MSN, Executive Director

We all have been waiting for spring to actually begin, and while the weather has not been springlike, celebrations of the season have! Recently we celebrated the completion of our first public health mentor/mentee cohort (see article below). I was thrilled to attend the University of New Hampshire Masters in Public Health graduation and present graduates with NHPHA pins. And we presented our workforce development accomplishments at a networking session at the National Network of Public Health Institutes conference in Washington, DC. Our workforce development and Rising Stars initiatives have blossomed through the nurturing of our workforce development coordinator Emily Goulet, who has accomplished so much in just over one year with us.  

JA May 2019

Congratulations to the 17th Master of Public graduating class
of the University of New Hampshire! Kudos to Katherine Dzenis,
Vanessa Grunkemeyer, and Emily Sorey-Backus for their excellent field study projects
completed as part of their program.

It is so inspiring to see the rich academic posters presented by students at our annual meeting.  We were humbled by the positive accolades and accomplishments of the first class of mentor and mentees and motivated by the enthusiasm of students attending the public health career panel at the annual meeting.

Based on our increasing emphasis on workforce development, NHPHA has decided to make it the focus this year’s NH Gives event to enable us to continue to bring quality public health education to our members and opportunities to our students and emerging professionals. Thus we humbly ask that on June 11–12 you considering supporting our work by visiting our NH Gives webpage and giving what you can. 

We hope that all our members and colleagues have a personal reason for supporting NHPHA through NH Gives. Jess and Emily wanted to share theirs with you! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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