National Public Health Week Begins April 1

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National Public Health Week (NPHW) is quickly approaching! Will you be joining the week with action for health? This national event gives us an opportunity to look at our community and see where we can make an impact for healthier living. Each day of National Public Health Week has a theme. These areas are critical to our future success in creating the healthiest nation, and everyone can do their part to help.

National Public Health Week 2019 begins April 1. The theme this year is “Creating the Healthiest Nation: For science. For action. For health.” Please join us for a week filled with celebrating the power of prevention, sharing strategies for successful partnerships, and working toward wellness. Public Health Week is an opportunity for community partners to recognize public health efforts throughout the State. If your organization would like to host an event and be included in our listing of events, please contact Lisa Vasquez at Stay tuned for a listing of events in March in the next NHPHA e-newsletter.

NPHW 2019 Daily Themes:

  • Monday — Healthy Communities
  • Tuesday — Violence Prevention
  • Wednesday — Rural Health
  • Thursday — Technology and Public Health
  • Friday — Climate Change
  • Saturday and Sunday — Global Health

Please note: Your participation doesn’t have to be a big to-do! You can celebrate National Public Health week by joining the National Walking Challenge or making healthier choices for the week. Think of it as a chance to jumpstart your health. We look forward to celebrating National Public Health Week with you!

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