Get to Know the NHPHA Interns

NHPHA has the privilege of hosting two stellar interns this fall and winter. We would like to introduce them to you.

Lyzbeth Best – We are happy to have Lyz at NHPHA from the Milken Institute of Public Health out of the George Washington University as an intern this year. Lyz reached out to NHPHA because of the strong community presence and responsive nature of NHPHA to her needs and interest in Public Health. Lyz has a background in education and medical anthropology. Lyz believes there are many similarities between anthropology and public health. Medical Anthropology looks at health through a cultural lens. Lyz always wanted to further her interests in health equity by looking at disease through a cultural lens in the context of education and prevention and this internship gives her the opportunity to gain applied experience. “As part of the program requirement I needed to better understand community based problems. What I will be doing in my internship with NHPHA is looking at what the needs in education are for public health professionals looking at social determinants of health (SDOH).” Lyz will be conducting a needs analysis of what is being done across the state to address SDOH in communities and what the needs are in different communities to address SDOH. To round off the project Lyz will also look at what would be the best platform for teaching SDOH. “I will be looking at the ECHO learning program. As of now I am just starting to interview different health professionals to understand what they are doing and what type of information is needed to solve the problems in the community and what needs to be brought together in a learning environment for them.”

Gretchen Swain – Gretchen comes to us from University of New Hampshire working on her graduate degree in Public Policy. Gretchen did anti-hunger work with AmeriCorps for two years prior to her graduate program. “I will be working with NHPHA on a strategy to partner with other organizations on Gun Prevention Policy,” she said. “It is really interesting to research Gun Prevention in New Hampshire. I will be attending a Gun Prevention Conference and look forward to meeting more people interested in gun prevention. New Hampshire is very politically motivated which makes working on policy in New Hampshire even more motivating as a student. The benefits of doing an internship with NHPHA - I get to know more organizations in the State and it feels good to work on gun policy as it is such an important topic at this time. I am originally from Maine but hope to continue to work in New Hampshire after I graduate. I look forward to having more time to read for leisure and to participate in outdoor activities like hiking after I am finished with the Graduate program.”

We welcome both women and look forward to seeing the culmination of their respective projects.
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