NHPHA Launches Mentoring Program Pilot

NHPHA’s mentoring program for 2018-2019 is a pilot program set to begin in September/October and finish in April/May. The program is focused on current public health undergraduate students, public health graduate students, and mentor 4early career public health professionals. This program is an opportunity for experienced public health professionals to make a positive impact on the career and professional development of aspiring public health professionals. These early career professionals will have the opportunity to network and explore a variety of public health careers to learn more about the industry.

Program Goals

  • Increase the professional success and productivity of public health students and early career professionals
  • Help strengthen the field of public health through recruitment, retention and growth of strong and committed professionals
  • Provide learning and networking opportunities for mentors to enrich their contributions to public health and further develop as leaders
  • Enhance the professional development of the public health protégé by assisting them to:
    • Better understand public health as practiced in the community
    • Gain valuable information about agencies and companies
    • Begin to build a professional network
    • Explore public health careers
    • Develop a realistic career plan
    • Receive suggestions on how to better prepare for professional life

Mentor Qualifications and Expectations and Application Process for Mentors

mentor 5In order to serve as an effective mentor,  mentors should have a minimum of five years of experience in the field of public health. Mentors must be NHPHA members in good standing. Applying for NHPHA membership at the same time as completing the Mentor Application is acceptible. 

It is also expected that mentors have an education background in public health, health promotion, nursing, health administration, etc
Once mentors and mentees are matched, each mentor pair should meet at least once per month for a successful relationship. It is also expected that mentor pairs will attend three events throughout the program, which may take place during a portion of the workday. 

Interested public health professionals may complete the application describing their career experiences, educational background, and geographic location that is available at this link. Public health students and early career professionals will complete the application describing their educational background, professional goals, and geographic location. Applications are to be submitted to the New Hampshire Public Health Association by the designated due date for the matching process. You can access the application here.
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