How Can You Support Medicaid Expansion

Guest post by Meghan Farrell, New Futures

The New Hampshire Health Protection Program, also known as Medicaid Expansion, is a unique, New Hampshire solution that leverages federal dollars to ensure that all Granite Staters have access to quality and affordable health care. Over 130,000 New Hampshire residents have accessed necessary care throughout the program’s lifetime. Over 23,000 individuals have used their coverage to access substance use services, making the program our number one tool in fighting the Granite State’s addiction epidemic.

Unfortunately, this critical program is set to sunset at the end of 2018. Currently, lawmakers are considering multiple proposals to reauthorize Medicaid Expansion, ensuring that tens of thousands of Granite Staters get the care they need to get healthy and get back to work.

It is crucial that our lawmakers understand the benefits of Medicaid Expansion to our economy, workforce, and communities.

How can you support Medicaid Expansion?

Help plan, or attend, an in-district meeting

An in-district meeting with your representatives is the perfect opportunity to explain to them the immense and unique impact that Medicaid Expansion has had on your own community. In-districts look different in each community, but overall allow lawmakers to hear from a wide variety of constituents, organizations, and businesses that they represent.

Contact your representatives

Phone calls, emails, letters, and in-person meetings with your senators and representatives to urge them to support reauthorization can happen at any time. Click here to find your lawmakers.

Submit a letter to the editor

Advocating in the media will help make sure that your lawmakers see all angles of this issue from lots of different sources. Consider submitting a letter to the editor to your local newspaper in support of Medicaid Expansion reauthorization.

Collect client stories

Stories of success from Medicaid Expansion beneficiaries help to demonstrate the local impact of this program. Collecting client success stories to bring to your lawmakers, or empowering clients to share their stories themselves, will help lawmakers understand the many lives that benefit from the program. Individuals can also share their stories via this link.

Use social media

Social media is an important tool to advocate for issues that we care about. Some sample tweets about Medicaid Expansion include:

Over 50,000 residents have health care because of #MedEx. What will they do if this program sunsets? #nhpolitics
#MedEx supports NH's low-income workforce and it helps people get back to work. Without it, our economy would suffer. #nhpolitics

New Futures has talking points, planned in-district meetings, sample phone scripts, and letters to the editor to make it as easy as possible for you or your organization to get involved. Please contact Holly Stevens at for more information.
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