The New Contraceptive Measures through a Reproductive Justice Lens

Team Up, Take Action: Partnering for Health Equity
Breakout Session

Presenter: Donna Burkett, MD

This session will introduce attendees to the six new contraceptive National Quality Forum (NQF) quality measures, their history and development, and the response of the Reproductive Justice community to them. These NQF measures were developed to measure disparities in access to quality reproductive and perinatal care and in outcomes among different racial and ethnic groups as well as sociodemographic disparities. There is concern that the new NQF contraceptive care measures may be misused, thus impacting access to care.

The workshop will include an illustrative and practical discussion of how the measures are being used and might be used across New England. We will use Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s internal practice and the Vermont Blueprint for Health’s Women’s Health Initiative as examples of regional use of the measures.

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