Rising Stars Update - August 2017

Submitted by Adelaide Murray, Project Associate, Community Health Institute/JSI

My name is Sabryna Therrien, and I am a senior at Rivier University in Nashua, New Hampshire studying public health, and minoring in biology. I have always been passionate about investing my time in the needs of others, and how I could help them better, which is what prompted me to major in public health my sophomore year. Studying public health at Rivier has taught me how vast the public health field is, and what people like me can do to make our communities healthier.
Since taking a collection of classes at Rivier that ranged from Food Safety and Hygiene to Epidemiology, I soon found myself interested in Public Health Research and Health Promotion, Marketing, and Communication. During those classes I invested my studies in researching maternal health care initiatives in refugee camps due to recent international multimedia events in 2016. Karyn Madore, Operations and Communications Director at
JSI Research & Training Institute, heard that I was interested in Maternal and Child Health, through her class at Rivier, and invited me to intern with her at JSI and CHI in Bow, New Hampshire. This opportunity has landed me a yearlong internship until I graduate in the spring, working on Multimedia Services for a Maternal and Child Health Program called Healthy Families America. So far I have researched and worked on a literature review for our team to analyze and determine better ways of retaining and configuring the Healthy Families America Program. Overall this internship has taught me the importance of group work and diligent research, and I am elated to see what my next steps will be through this internship.
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