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An article in the October 2016 issue of the NHPHA e-Newsletter

Affordable Child Care Roundtables Photo
Members of the New Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA) were in attendance at the recent roundtables held in the state by the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy (CFFE).  CFFE held the roundtables in hopes of raising the issue of child care costs with the local candidates who are running for office. CFFE hosted roundtables across the state for candidates to learn costs of raising a family in New Hampshire, priorities for families, impacts on workforce and childhood education, and need of more affordable resources and better pay in order to retain qualified childcare employees.  NHPHA members Jeanie Holt, Dennis Holt, and Neil Twitchell came to speak and educate around  the disproportionate burden on low-wage workers who often have less formal education and face significant struggles to “keep body and soul” together. Speakers highlighted the stress of these daily, year-round struggles on NH families: the stress of accepting low-quality child care in order to pay the rent and feed their families, the stress of deciding between losing a day’s wages to take the child to a doctor versus waiting another day or two to see if a child’s health improves. They emphasized that these stresses are toxic to individuals, families and communities and highlighted how the impacts translate to short term and long term health and economic losses for NH families and the NH economy. NHPHA has also been looking at the research on Adverse Childhood Experiences or “ACEs”. Common ACEs are Abuse and neglect, exposure to crime and violence, living in a home with substance abuse or mental health issues, including depression, and divorce, separation or loss of a close family member/parent. Speakers highlighted data specific to the adverse effects of ACEs on children, including that in NH’s most vulnerable communities, 52% of the households with children are headed by a single parent. NHPHA made the point that research has identified factors which can counteract the adverse experiences. Two of the important factors are information and support for parents, and a child’s consistent connection to a caring adult. Both of these needs can be at least partially met by quality child care.

For more information on ACEs visit https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/acestudy/ and http://www.samhsa.gov/capt/practicing-effective-prevention/prevention-behavioral-health/adverse-childhood-experiences .

For more information aboutCampaign for a Family Friendly Economy visit http://www.familyfriendlyeconomy.org/.

Upcoming Affordable Childcare Roundtables in October

**Please note the date of this event has changed, please contact mike@civixstrategygroup.com at the Campaign for A Family Friendly Economy for more information**

What:              Wolfeboro Affordable Childcare Roundtable
When:              **Thursday, October 20th
                       6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (doors open at 5:45 pm)
Where:            The Children's Center, 180 South Main Street, Wolfeboro


What:              Antrim Affordable Childcare Roundtable
When:             Thursday, October 27th
                      6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (doors open at 5:45 pm)
Where:            Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center, 4 Aiken Street, Antrim


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