Nashua PhotoVoice Project Update

Submitted by Lisa Vasquez, MS, CPS 
Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator
Greater Nashua Public Health Network; Beyond Influence
City of Nashua, Division of Public Health & Community Services

What is Public Health Photo 1What is Public Health Prevention and where can you see it in your community? If you don’t know ask any of the children who participated in Nashua’s Photovoice Project! Armed with cameras, 20 participating kiddos went out into the Nashua community and created a story with pictures of Public Health within the community. They all saw Public Health prevention in different places whether at the crosswalk or in the public pools they realize Public Health prevention is all around us and makes our lives healthier and safer. Out of the 20 participants, 13 projects were completed.  The Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services hosted a Gallery of the children’s artwork.  The participating youth were proud of the work and eager to talk to attendees about their projects. One of the attendees Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess was very impressed by the quality of the pictures and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the participants regarding Public Health.

As the region’s Prevention Coordinator I look forward to another Photovoice Project with more participants. It was great seeing the participants develop their stories and the pride in their faces with their finished projects. All participants received a certificate for their outstanding work and one of the participants was interviewed by the Nashua Telegraph regarding his project.  The Project received great community support and the artwork will be available for viewing at more community venues like the Public Library, dates to be announced soon. 

What is Public Health Photo 2

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