NH Oral Health Coalition Updates - August 2016

Submitted by Gail Brown, JD, MSW, Director of the NH Oral Health Coalition

OHC Photo OneThe NH Oral Health Coalition has completed its “NH Oral Health Network Statewide Road Trip: Setting the Plan” throughout the state.  Stopping at 7 locations the team met with oral health providers, policy makers, programs managers, consumer advocates and others to discuss the 2015 NH Oral Health Plan, the NH Oral Health Communication Plan, and an update on NH oral health data reports.  Almost 70 OHC Photo 2participants provided updates on their local oral health programs and services, data gathering, and infrastructure planning.  The information gathered will be used to inform and advance an integrated, statewide oral health plan including a presentation at the 2016 NH Oral Health Fall Forum on November 11th at the Holiday Inn in Concord, and annual oversight on stakeholder progress.  More information on the NH Oral Health Coalition and the NH Oral Health Stakeholder Network is available at: www.nhoralhealth.org  or contact: info@nhoralhealth.org

Save the Date for the 2016 NH Oral Health Fall Forum


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