Public Policy Committee Update - May 2016

By Jeanie Holt, NHPHA Public Policy Committee Co-Chair

Now that the legislative session is concluding, the Public Policy Committee begins to focus on its other important job: keeping NHPHA’s position statements updated with the most current evidence and drafting statements for new/emerging public health issues. This work involves more research and proceeds at a slower pace than our work during the legislative session. If research is your forte we’d love to get your help. A number of work groups are forming—take your pick. One group will look at public health through the lens of disabilities communities and either draft a new statement or add something to many of our current statements. Another group will rewrite our Child Health and Safety statement while yet another is needed to update our Smoking and Tobacco statement or write a new one. If there is enough interest, we’d like to draft a statement on food systems and food security. And our August 26 Committee meeting will be a discussion of public health perspectives on abortion and how to include this in our Reproductive Health position statement. Please join us in this work. Advocacy is a core function of NHPHA, which is, after all, a membership organization so your ideas and energies are the heart of NHPHA.

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