Oral Health Coalition Working with Local Partners on Fluoride Varnish Training in the Medical Setting

By Gail Brown, Director, NHOHC

The NH Oral Health Coalition is pleased to be working with Hugh Silk, M.D.,  University of Massachusetts and the NH-based North Country Health Consortium in Littleton to be providing statewide training for the implementation of fluoride varnish in the medical setting.
OHC Update Photo In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, the US Preventive Services Task Force, and recent changes within the NH Medicaid program, NH’s primary care medical providers for children age 6 months through 5 years, can provide an oral health risk assessment and, if indicated, fluoride varnish as a preventive oral health measure. 

Dental decay, the #1 chronic disease in children within NH and the nation, is caused by bacteria and is thus both transmittable and preventable with proper care and prevention. 

Fluoride varnish is considered a simple, cost-effective and efficient part of the prevention toolkit and within NH can be applied by dentists, hygienists, and trained medical primary care providers. 

The availability of fluoride varnish application in many schools, WICs, Head Starts, and now, primary care settings brings this important intervention to the locations that young children and their families frequent naturally in early childhood. 

For more information on fluoride varnish and the prevention of early childhood caries, please see: www.fromthefirsttooth.org.  For specific information regarding NH benefits and reimbursement CLICK on “My State” and then the “New Hampshire” page.  Medical providers interested in a no-cost training for their staff, contact info@nhoralhealth.org

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