APHA Update - February 2016

By Jeanie Holt, former Affilate Representative to the Governing Council

New NH Representative to APHA! We have a new Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council (ARGC). Shasta Jorgensen agreed to take on this important role. She and I will be meeting soon to start an orientation and transition process. But don’t start thinking you won’t be hearing from me about APHA—because I am still very involved and I will continue to make efforts to keep you all informed of our work with APHA.

Other APHA news: One of the advantages of being affiliated with the American Public Health Association is our connection to other affiliates. We find out what others are doing and can take advantage of their experiences. Our neighbor public health associations in Vermont and Maine think proposals to legalize recreational marijuana won’t be far behind the medical marijuana laws. In both states, the PHA has begun educational efforts which you can see on YouTube. Maine’s webinar “Marijuana in Maine, the Science, Policy Trends and Lessons” can be seen here. Vermont also posted a presentation on the health effects of marijuana here
. Given the experience of other states, it seems likely that NH will face this in the coming years. Educating ourselves now is a good place to start.

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