Public Policy Committee Update - February 2016

by Jeanie Holt, NHPHA Public Policy Co-Chair

With a great group of volunteers, the Policy Committee has been very active in advocating for science-based public health policy.  To receive our weekly policy update via the Health In All Policies eNewsletter, subscribe here

While we focus most of our work, especially when the Legislature is in session, on the immediate present, we can be more effective in promoting good policy if we can look ahead and plan ahead. Jeanie Holt, Policy Committee Co-Chair, represents NHPHA in a group developing a strategic plan to get an adult safety belt law passed in New Hampshire. As many of you know, NH is the only state without such a law. NHPHA worked with others in 2005, 2008, and 2009 to get a law passed, but was unsuccessful each time. Public health people are persistent, however, and many injury prevention folks believe it is time to try again. The work group has met twice. We sent out a survey to NHPHA’s Public Health Champions and to the state first-responders group seeking input as we begin crafting a strategic plan. We currently think it best to spend the 2017 legislative session getting a feel for the policy climate since elections held in November of 2016 may change that landscape. In addition, the 2017 session focuses on the biennial budget, so we plan to introduce legislation for the 2018 session. Jeanie will update NHPHA on this work from time to time.

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