Plan4Health Nashua Updates - January 2016

Last month, the Broad Street Parkway in Nashua opened and hundreds of people turned out to show their support for the new downtown connector that was decades in the making. The Nashua Telegraph published a letter from Robert Tourigny, Executive Director of NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire. In the letter, Robert Tourigny applauds the project explaining that "...Affordable housing and transportation choices are directly connected to community revitalization and public health. Providing transportation choices and affordable housing near jobs, shops and schools supports the local economy and provides residents with the opportunity to live in a community that is safe, affordable and easy to get around and be active."

Robert Tourigny also mentions the work being done by a number of organizations, including NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire, Great American Downtown and Plan4Health Nashua,  to support health, economic vitality and livability in Nashua.

Plan4Health Nashua in the News: 

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