Updates from APHA - October

By Jeanie Holt

As your representative on APHA’s Governing Council (meeting November 1-4), I vote on new policy statements. Before the vote, I can attend hearings to express concerns or propose edits to the statements. I like to know from you, our members, what you think of the proposed policies so I can truly represent you. Below is a list of the titles of the proposed policies. Some of the titles give you no indication of the position the policy proposes and even those that do give you very little information on the content of the policy. So, if you want to read the text of any of these, please let me know (jeanieNHPHA@gmail.com) and I will email the text to you for review.

Group A: Access to Care, Reproductive and Sexual Health and Substance Use 
A1: Opposition to Requirements for Hospital Admitting Privileges and Transfer Agreements for Abortion Providers
A2: Restricted Access to Abortions Violates Human Rights, Precludes Reproductive Justice, and Demands Public Health Intervention
A3: Universal Access to Contraception
A5: Prevention and Intervention Strategies to Decrease Misuse of Prescription Pain Medications

Group B: Environmental and Occupational Health
B2: Cleanup of U.S. Military Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan
B3: Updating Codes for Foam Plastic Building Insulation to Protect Public Health
B4: Public Health Opportunities to Address the Health Effects of Climate Change
B6: Preventing Occupational and Community Transmission of Ebola and Globally Emerging Infectious Disease Threats
B7: Lyme and other Tick-borne Disease Prevention to Protect Workers’ and the Public’s Health
B8: Stopping Cancer before it Starts: Emphasizing Prevention
Group C: Public Health Law and Ethics
C1: The Use of Human Subjects in Dental Licensing Examinations Violates Public Health Ethics
C3: Addressing human relevance in alcohol use disorders-related research
C5: Preemption Policy Statement
C6: Ensuring Trade Agreements Promote Public Health

Group D: Public Health Infrastructure and Workforce
D2: Improving Availability and Access to Individual Worker Fatality Data
D3: Building Environments and a Public Health Workforce to Support Physical Activity in Older Adults
D4: The Role of Health Education Specialists in a Post Health Reform Environment
D5: Expand and Coordinate Human Trafficking Related Public Health Research, Education, and Prevention and Intervention Evaluation


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