Public Policy Update - October 2015

NHPHA’s Policy Committee has been very busy. We are reviewing all of our policy statements with the help of members with expertise in specific topic areas. We use these statements for two main purposes. We refer legislators, policy makers, and students to them. The statements are designed to be a concise overview of the most current public health science to act as a starting point for further research. In addition to the statement itself, we include several of the most significant resources for digging deeper. Our other use of the statements is advocacy. Since the statements have been approved by NHPHA's Board of Directors, we can take action based on a position statement without further Board approval. This means we can sign on to various kinds of letters, we can collaborate on op-ed pieces, and we can advocate for good public health policy when the state legislature is in session. You can view our policy statements on our website.  We encourage our members to use these statements and credit NHPHA, increasing awareness of both good public health policy and of our organization.

Most NHPHA members identify our advocacy work in the state legislature as one reason they join the association. We are already gearing up for 2016. Take a few minutes to lend a hand. Here is what we need from you:

1.      Read through the list of working titles for bills filed with Legislative Services. We know nothing more than the working title on most of them!

2.      If you have expertise that seems applicable, please let Jeanie know ( We can keep in touch with you as the bill text comes out and as the bill moves through hearings and votes.

3.      If there are proposed bills you know of that aren’t on our list, please let me know.

4.      You can also go through the list Prime Sponsors and let Jeanie know if any of them are your representative. We can keep in touch with you and let you know if a phone call to your rep will help public health.


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