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An entry from the March issue of the NHPHA e-Newsletter

This month's member spotlight focuses on Katie Robert, incoming NHPHA President and consultant with the Community Health Institute (CHI) in Concord.  Katie first got involved in the public health field 8 years ago, skimming through the Sunday edition of the Concord Monitor and “hankering to explore new professional opportunities”.  Who finds a job in the newspaper anymore, she thought, but on that fateful Sunday, a Data Manager opportunity with CHI presented itself.Loading

In 2012, Katie was approached by NHPHA to join the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee.  "That led to a joint membership of the Communications Committee, and then a co-chairmanship of the Communications Committee, with the lovely, talented Melissa Schoemmell.”  She was then “called-up” by the HR/Nominating Committee to serve as President-Elect and said, “with the support of my husband, Chris, the go-ahead from my  boss,  Jonathan Stewart, and a huge pep talk from Laura Davie and Marie Mulroy, she jumped at the opportunity.

When asked what she most enjoyed about her work, she explains, “Since I joined CHI in 2007, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a multitude of clients both in NH and beyond, in many topic areas, and utilizing many skills thanks to the nature of the consulting work done by CHI.”  She has done a fair amount of health communications work, and is also jumping into helping coordinate technical assistance for a HRSA project working with Healthy Start grantees across the country.  Having a masters’ degree in Public Administration, she states that she particularly enjoys helping create and improve efficiencies for the projects on which she works – including her volunteer work with NHPHA!”   

During her two-year term as NHPHA President, Katie is excited to work with the Board of Directors, committees and members as NHPHA faces a bright future coming out of an arduous few years.   “Thanks to the hard work of the giants who’ve come before me (ahem, I’m looking at you, Joan, Jeanie, Marie, Laura – to name a few), NHPHA has positioned itself to strengthen and expand its advocacy work, member engagement activities, and to get out in front of NH public health in such a way to support our members, partners and stakeholders”.Loading

Among many achievements, one of Katie’s proudest thus far in her career is the huge success of the first-ever NH Get Your Rear In Gear campaign, co-led by her colleague and good friend, Sarah Moeckel.  This event was held in September of 2014 to raise money and awareness of the importance of colon cancer screenings.  Nearly 300 participants and 40 volunteers came together and raised over $20,000, of which $15,000 went directly to the NH Colorectal Cancer Screening Program to offer free screenings.  “In a field where there are so many worthy causes, I was lucky NHPHA supported me in choosing this cause, as my own mom lost a 10-year battle with colon cancer this past year.”  

In her ever-so-slightly less fast-paced home life (as she puts it), “I am married to my brilliant, college sweetheart, bridge engineer and husband, Chris, with whom I’ve been blessed with two adorable, hysterically funny, smart little girls (Madelyn aka Macabena – almost 4, Norah  aka Norahsaurus – 2).  To burn off steam, I enjoy reading, not running, Thursday night network television, fantasy football, attending Mom Prom, and contributing to the popular #PinterestFail movement.” 

Mark your calendars!  The 2nd Annual Get Your Rear and Gear Race is being held on September 26, 2015. Information about this event will be shared as it becomes available.
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