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A guest blog entry from Jeanie Holt, NHPHA Policy Committee Co-Chair

SB135: Relative to Lead Poisoning In Children: changes the notice requirements for blood lead levels found in a child’s blood; establishes the lead screening commission to assess existing screening rates in relation to the department of health and human services’ screening guidelines; and establishes a task force to determine the feasibility of developing a program establishing essential maintenance practices to be used in pre-1978 rental housing and pre-1978 buildings containing child care to reduce exposures to lead from lead-based paints.

Public health activists joined with environmental activists to craft and submit a bill to further reduce lead poisoning in NH’s children. NHPHA has joined this team to help get this important public health measure passed. Marie Mulroy crafted testimony which Jay Smith will deliver at the Senate hearing on Tuesday. You, too, can be part of the team. We will report back on progress and let you know when letters of support will have the most impact. It takes a village…and a team!

Action by NHPHA members:  Sometimes NHPHA is unable to take a position on a bill. This most often happens because we lack the expertise to analyze the implications of the proposed policy and lack the time to find the experts among our members to supplement the Policy Committee’s knowledge. But that does not stop individual members from taking action. Jay Smith testified on HB 499, not as NHPHA’s Policy Committee Co-Chair but as a concerned public health professional.  If you’ve taken action on behalf of the public’s health, we’d love to hear about it. You can email Jay ( or Jeanie ( Include a copy of your letter, email, or testimony.

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