NH Research and Evaluation Group

The New Hampshire Research and Evaluation Group, as a subcommittee of NHPHA, provides a forum for New Hampshire researchers and evaluators from a broad diversity of fields to gather together to share knowledge, learn together, and continue the development of NH's collective body of knowledge. Over its history, three key roles of the group have evolved, centered on creating opportunities for its members:

1) an opportunity to share and receive feedback on statewide and/or regional research projects with some of the best and brightest of New Hampshire's research community.

2) an opportunity to learn and expand the skill sets and knowledge base of the group's membership. This has included everything from learning about the key issues to understand when new data sets come out.

3) an opportunity to collaborate. Whether it's the person who works down the hall from you or someone who works in a different institution, it is highly likely that there are a number of people across the state who are working on issues that are similar to your own interests.

Participants include researchers and users of statewide/regional data from a broad variety of fields, including health, economics, housing, children, families, rural, community development, planning. Organizations represented are nonprofits, universities, foundations, and state departments. Membership is open to all individuals, including students, who are interested in learning more about research and evaluation work in New Hampshire.

Beginning in 2015, the group joined as a membership section of NHPHA, in order to strengthen and combine the already important work, resources, and relationships that both organizations have worked towards for the last decade.

If you would like to join the New Hampshire Research and Evaluation Group, email Abbott Willard for more information.